Y11 Transition

Welcome Y11

Please watch our welcome video from Mrs Davies, Assistant Headteacher in Charge of Sixth form from September.

Life in Sixth Form

To find out more about what it is like to be a Sixth Former at Fulford School, why not watch our video. Including information about the daily routine as well as the support available, the video has been designed by Mrs Davies and Mr Gray to get you well prepared for your September start at Fulford Sixth Form.

Meet Your Tutors

If you would like to find out more about our Tutor Team, please have a look at the following video

Getting Prepared for Sixth Form

It is important for your wellbeing and learning that, during this extended period away from school, you keep your minds active and engaged. Having chosen your sixth form courses, you already know the subject areas that you enjoy and therefore now is a great time to explore and develop your interests in these courses.

Please find below, a range of activities/resources designed to enthuse and prepare you for your sixth form courses. The activities/resources vary in nature from course to course; please contact the relevant Curriculum Leader if you want further information about any of them:

• Art

• Business Studies

• Computing:
We are offering weekly resources and support to students who are planning to start studying A Level Computer Science in September 2020.You can find the weekly resources in the Transitioning from GCSE to A Level Computer Science section of the TeachComputing website here: https://teachcomputing.org/home-teaching/key-stage-4.
We’re also running daily Q&A sessions for A Level and GCSE transition students Mon-Fri from 11am to 12pm here: https://vevox.app/m#/169997519 
We’re looking forward to working with you. Do get in touch if you have any questions.

 Design and Technology

• Economics

English Language:
As well as the booklet, we would also like you to read Dan Clayton’s Leaping into Language (this link will give you a PDF version to use immediately).

• English Literature:
Below are a variety of tasks and wider reading challenges that will help prepare you for studying A-level English Literature in year 12. Please begin by having a look at the articles and challenges in the Making The Leap booklet. During this time, and throughout the summer, use both reading lists to broaden your experience of reading a wide range of texts and record your thoughts on the Reading Record. Finally, complete the Transition Booklet before September and bring this with you when you join year 12. I hope you find the work enjoyable.
> Making The Leap – English Literature
> A Level Literature Reading List
> Tragedy reading list
> A Level Literature Reading Record
> A-Level English Literature Transition Booklet

> PiXL Gateway Progression Geography
> Transition to A-Level Geography Materials

• History:
> Ideas for Tudor wider reading watching listening
> Ideas for wider learning – Russia

As well as the activity above, you may also like the Further Maths (optional) Reading List

• Media Studies
As we don’t offer Media Studies as a GCSE subject, studying it will probably be new to you. Your transition activities, which can be found at this page will offer you a brief taste of what is to come and will help you to make a smooth start to the course. There are ten separate activities, which you should compete and hand in to your teacher – Mr Ellum – at the end of the first week back in September.
Even more importantly however, successful students of media need to take an ongoing interest in the media.

  • Download the BBC Sounds App and start listening to a sample of a range of radio stations/programmes.
  • Explore podcasts (on BBC Sounds or other podcast providers). Listen to at least one regularly and follow the presenter or the podcast on social media.
  • Start reading the news online regularly, noting which institution is providing your news. Use the Sky news website to compare the front covers of all the British newspapers https://news.sky.com/topic/newspapers-5993 Start to notice how differently each newspaper reports the same stories. Ask yourself why this might be.
  • Start watching a wide range of films. A good starting place for award-winning short films is www.filmsshort.com.

I hope you are excited about getting started. If you have any difficulties accessing any of the activities, please email me on baronir@fulford.york.sch.uk .

• Modern Foreign Languages
> Spanish

• Photography

• Politics


• Religious Studies

> Biology
> Chemistry
> Physics
> Applied Science

• Sociology

• Sport

• Theatre Studies


Enrichment Programme for Fulford Sixth Form

A key part of Sixth Form life is the Enrichment programme. We are very excited to launch a new programme for Y11 that will continue into the new year and beyond. Please have a look at the video for ideas on how you can get started on the Enrichment programme today and begin to work towards your first award. We look forward to seeing your achievements in September.