Wellbeing in Fulford Sixth Form

Being in Sixth Form is exciting and rewarding.  It is a time when students enjoy more independence, begin to plan out their future pathways, take up new opportunities and cement friendships that they will remember throughout their lives.  Whilst undoubtedly it is a time of new beginnings it can also be a time of stress and challenge as students are required to develop new ways of learning and manage a range of demands.

At Fulford Sixth Form we are committed to providing a happy and healthy environment in which students can develop as well rounded young people and succeed in their studies. We recognise that every student is an individual and they all have their different stressors and manage their challenges differently and we look to provide support accordingly.


How we Support Wellbeing within Fulford Sixth Form:

Supporting student well-being is paramount and we do this by promoting a positive and inclusive culture, operating young person focused teaching and tutorial systems and proactively providing individual support.  Specific ways we support young people include:

– Developing positive relationships with our students so that they feel they are known and feel comfortable in accessing support

– Supporting transitions and helping new students to Fulford familiarise themselves with the school and getting to know others

– Supporting transitions and helping students to gain study skills and developing a ‘Mindset for Success’

– Developing our Sixth Form community through working with the Sixth Form Committee to put on regular fun, light hearted events throughout the year

– Providing support and guidance through regular Tutor time

– Delivering information on Wellbeing & Mental Health in assemblies and form periods

– Providing individual support and signposting around personal matters and issues of wellbeing and mental health through the dedicated Sixth Form pastoral worker

– Flexibly operating student timetables and sixth form requirements in order to support individual health needs

– Engaging with the wider community through charity awareness and fundraising events

– Providing easily accessible support through the Sixth Form staff team Open Door policy whereby students can receive a quick response to queries and concerns


Working in partnership around Wellbeing & Mental Health

In order to provide a co-ordinated approach to supporting young people we work with other services such as York City’s School Wellbeing Service School Wellbeing Service and York Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). York CAMHS.  Where we hold significant concerns over a student’s health we would follow Fulford School Safeguarding Policy and also speak to parents.


Sources of Support