Sports Relief 2014 1Fullford Sixth Form’s mission statement is to make the most of what’s on offer!  On Tuesday afternoons our Fulford Enrichment Programme (FEP) offers you a great range of activities to make the most of – from learning a new language to playing sport, from working towards a Duke of Edinburgh Award to volunteering in the community… the choice is yours.

There are many reasons why you would want to make the most of what’s on offer on a Tuesday afternoon: it might be that you are looking for activities to enhance your UCAS application, or you want to give something back to the community through a volunteering activity, or you are simply after a break from your academic studies. Whatever your motivation, make sure you get involved – there are plenty of activities to choose from!  The minimum commitment is one hour per week.

The enrichment scheme is part of the “Employability Award”, recognised by Higher York, NYBEP and Nestle.  As well as being important for applications, CVs and references, it’s also a great break from the pressure of study!

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