Every student who joins Fulford Sixth Form is allocated an experienced tutor who becomes a key source of support over the years. As well as helping with your transition, the tutor team help you manage your wellbeing, learning and deliver the comprehensive post-16 pastoral programme, alongside the Head of Year. Through tutorials, morning registration and form periods, all students are supported through their journey into adulthood  – whether it is to discuss their academic progress, social issues or post-19 steps.

As well as the tutor team, our pastoral team is always on hand to offer personal advice and help you manoeuvre any difficulties you may face. With offices next to the common room, we are easily contactable, and our door is always open.

In addition, our pastoral programme is carefully tailored to complement your journey through the two years. Covering a range of topics – such as personal safety, finance, work experience and the UCAS application process – our students are carefully introduced to the different stages of sixth form study and ultimately confidently prepared for life beyond the sixth form.