Welcome Y11

Please watch our welcome video from Mrs Davies, Assistant Headteacher in Charge of Sixth form.

Life in Sixth Form

To find out more about what it is like to be a Sixth Former at Fulford School, why not watch our video. Including information about the daily routine as well as the support available, the video has been designed by Mrs Davies and Mr Gray to get you well prepared for your September start at Fulford Sixth Form.


Meet Your Tutors

If you would like to find out more about some of our Tutor Team, please have a look at the following video

Getting Prepared for Sixth Form

It is important for your wellbeing and learning that, during this extended period away from school, you keep your minds active and engaged. Having chosen your sixth form courses, you already know the subject areas that you enjoy and therefore now is a great time to explore and develop your interests in these courses.

Please find below, a range of activities/resources designed to enthuse and prepare you for your sixth form courses. The activities/resources vary in nature from course to course; please contact the relevant Curriculum Leader if you want further information about any of them:

Enrichment Programme for Fulford Sixth Form

A key part of Sixth Form life is the Enrichment programme. We are very excited to launch a new programme for Y11 that will continue into the new year and beyond. Please have a look at the video for ideas on how you can get started on the Enrichment programme today and begin to work towards your first award. We look forward to seeing your achievements in September.