Post Sixth Form

IMG_3718We think our Fulford students deserve the best guidance possible as they move beyond our school. And we understand that for some of you that transition will be relatively simple because you know exactly what you want to do and for others it will be daunting because you have little idea of what the future might hold!

The good news is that we treat every single one of our students as an individual. Our personalised support programme ensures that each of our students has a clear sense of where they are in their sixth form careers, where they would like to go and how they are going to get there.

We are proud of our great record of securing the destination of choice for the vast majority of our students, whether that be studying medicine at the University of Oxford, embarking upon an Art Foundation year, volunteering in China or securing an apprenticeship at Nestlé.

Fulford Sixth Form HE Evening Parents 2019
Unifrog Presentation 2019

At Fulford the vast majority of our students gain places at some of the best universities in the country. In 2018 44% of our Year 13 students went on to study at Russell Group universities, with a good number successfully applying for Oxbridge and medicine.

In many areas of life a university degree is still an essential route. The benefits of Higher Education are endless; what you learn both inside and outside of the lecture hall will remain with you well beyond graduation day.

Whatever subject you decide to study, going to university will equip you with the skills that you can apply to your academic work, your career and in your personal life. To nurture an academic interest over several years guided by an expert in that field whilst simultaneously enjoying independence, extra-curricular activities and new friends is a wonderful opportunity.

In our sixth form, high quality personalised guidance on how to choose your course and your university, and a step-by-step guide to the UCAS application process will ensure that your university life after Fulford gets off to the best start possible!

The documents below will give you a taste of the support we offer our students, from the start to the finish of the UCAS process.

Putting together a UCAS application 2018
Preparing for University and beyond 2018
Higher Education Presentation 2019

photo 9Although most of our students go on to university, a significant and growing number of students choose alternative pathways after they finish their Fulford careers; school leaver programmes, apprenticeships, employment and gap years are just some of the different destinations for our students.

To enhance our school-based support for students following alternative pathways, we have close links with, amongst others, Nestlé, Deloitte and NYBEP who regularly visit school to support our students in making informed decisions about their future.

In recent years our students have successfully applied for Deloitte scholarships, level 3 apprenticeships and a range of promising employment opportunities.

Apprenticeship Presentation 2019

You can view below details of the destinations of our Year 13 students in Autumn 2018.